Krissy A. Waters

Krissy Waters is the chief executive officer of Sunchild Flourish Company and editor-in-chief of Sunchild Flourish Co. publications. She is an avid horticulturist with a background education in agriculture business and floral design and a University of Arkansas Cooperative Extension Service Master Gardener's certificate. She is currently completing graduate studies in agriculture at Washington State University and is employed as a paralegal for a debt collection defense attorney in Spokane, Washington. She has three children, and with her husband operates a small biointensive family farm.

The GMO & Toxic Food Detox

So, for whatever reason, you find yourself in need of a detox. Perhaps, you spend the holidays with some family members and felt you couldn’t refuse the traditional holiday foodie sludge of yesteryear. Or perhaps, you slipped up and have found yourself in a bad pattern of eating those oh so addicting sugar and salt […]