About Us

Sunchild Flourish Farmstead

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Sunchild Flourish Farmstead is an developing and expanding family-based, biointensive microfarm based in the River Valley of Northwest Arkansas,brought to you by the Waters family. We are dedicated to providing you organic, whole-food produce, cruelty-free animal products and eco-friendly farm crafts.

Sunchild Flourish Co. Publications

Sunchild Flourish Co. distributes numerous publications, including a monthly online lifestyle periodical found at Sunchildflourish.com. Originating from the Sunchild Flourish Farmstead,  Sunchild Flourish Co. is dedicated to sharing news, editorials, and how-to guides dedicated to individuals supporting an active, happy, and healthy lifestyle in the modern world.

Sunchild Flourish Co.


Krissy Waters


Krissy Waters is the owner of Sunchild Flourish Farmstead and the editor-in-chief of Sunchild Flourish Company’s publications. She is a Arkansas Certified Master Gardener, originating from Eastern Washington. She now lives with her husband and three children in Northwest Arkansas on their small farmstead.


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