Support Your Local Library!

Libraries are one of the last places in society where you can go and get something of value for free. Libraries have tremendous value. Almost everything that you could ever want to learn, you can learn from a book. Most libraries today have an ordering or interlibrary loan systems to be able to get any book you would like to read to you.

Libraries offer free computers, games, printers, copiers, and public resources all for free. They are a great community asset to kids and often offer preschool storytimes, as well as adult learning seminars.

Furthermore, some libraries may offer free resources for business owners including market research and analytics resources and online training courses. We are a big fan of lifelong learning. When farming and homesteading was just a dream for us, we’d check book after book out on farming, self-sufficiency, and organic gardening. There are hundreds of books on career planning, hobbies, and cookbooks all available for free. What an amazing public resource!

Support your local library and see what resources they have available to your community today.


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