Floral Design Tool List

Floral Design Tool List

So you want to get started in floral design? The art of floral design is a wonderful hobby to practice. It can be calming and grounding. Working with the earth and forming living, beautiful creations is something that can be admired. The art of floral design is a skill that can be adopted by anyone with a keen eye and some practice. Like any art, everybody has their own style and preference, but there are a few basic elements to achieve good design.

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But to get you started there is some basic gear you will want to obtain:

Floral Knife: A floral knife is a true florist’s must-have tool. Floral shears can be used to cut stems, but a floral knife allows you to cut through stems, dethorn, and clean up flowers MUCH faster than shears can. Although, safety and some caution are necessary as mishaps do occur when the mind wanders.

Floral Shears: Floral shears are nice to have when cutting through thick, woody branches and for the beginner who hasn’t mastered the floral knife.

Wire: Wire is fabulous in floral work. With threading and hook procedures you can prop, bend and align flowers to desired places.

Ribbon: Some individuals love bows, while other artists find them gaudy and outdated. An assortment of ribbon is nice to have on hand to make bows and tie pieces together. Raffia is a favorite.

Binding Wire: Bind wire is a must-have when making hand-tied bouquets. Simply make the arrangement in hand, wrap the stems in wire and then wrap in paper to complete the presentation.

Oasis (Floral foam): Ever wonder how to create darling arrangements in coffee mugs, baskets, pottery, china, and otherwise odd containers? The key is oasis, a water retaining spongy material, that holds cut stems in place and allows them to drink from its reservoirs. Caution: Poke to many holes through the oasis base and your creation will crumble, be careful to place stems in their proper place without too many replacements.

Wet Wrap: Want to present a hand-tied bouquet and have the flowers looking fresh for transport? You need to have baggies, rubber bands and floral foam.

Tissue Paper/Paper Wrap: Make a few stems of flowers or a complete hand-tied bouquet complete with a simple paper or tissue wrap. Really boosts the bouquets overall look and adds some flare! Have fun with the numerous assortments of paper patterns and textures available

5 Gallon Buckets: These come in handy so often! I love having some for my floral design work. With a little legwork, you can usually obtain 5-gallon buckets for free from local businesses and restaurants. For flowers, make sure you have food-grade 5-gallon buckets and not buckets that previously contained harsh chemicals.

Floral Tape: Floral tape is a special tape that comes in an array of different colors. It is used in making boutonnieres and in hiding wires.

Clear Floral Tape: Using clear, thin floral tape, you can make grids across different containers, allowing flowers to stay put in desired spots. Also, this tape can be used to secure oasis into a container.

Glue Gun & Sticks: Having a glue gun handy is just good practice. Often times, in the floral industry, we use glue guns to add flowers to wrist corsages, add finishing touches to containers, attach ribbons, etc.

Containers: Have fun with the containers you collect! Flowers can be designed and put in a huge array of containers, including anything ranging from baskets, teacups, and vases, to pumpkins, shoes, and more! But whatever you use, it must have a lining or be able to hold water.

This should be a great start to having all of the tools you need to make awesome arrangements. Floral design is fun and exciting. I would encourage anyone to try it!


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