The GMO & Toxic Food Detox


So, for whatever reason, you find yourself in need of a detox. Perhaps, you spend the holidays with some family members and felt you couldn’t refuse the traditional holiday foodie sludge of yesteryear. Or perhaps, you slipped up and have found yourself in a bad pattern of eating those oh so addicting sugar and salt loaded toxic foods. Whatever it may be, you know that you don’t want to eat that garbage, and are feeling a little foggy, a little bloated, a little regretful or shameful, and know that you want to get back on track. Well, these are some steps to get you to where you want to be, just a little faster.

  1. Aloe Vera Gel—This is one of the best natural laxatives I have come across, it is gentle, plant-based, and gives a little kick to get that junk out of your body. You may buy aloe vera in capsule form, in drinks, or you can simply extract the gel from the plant yourself and ingest. The gel assists in getting things moving from your digestive tract on out of your body.
  2. Water—Filtered water with heavy metals and fluoride removed, that is, and lots of it—as you may know the body is comprised of —-% water. Humans routinely do not ingest enough water for optimum health. For your cells to replenish and heal you and to flush toxins down and out you need to flood your body with the cool refreshing stuff and watch the cravings minimize and the health maximize. For an added health kick, try adding a teaspoon of raw apple cider vinegar, a slice of organic lemon, or some alkalizing baking soda.
  3. Black Coffee or Americano (espresso in water, no cream or added sugar) —While the health benefits of coffee are debatable, and while it should definitely be avoided by those with anxiety disorders, and people with caffeine sensitivity, there is no doubt that coffee can help give us a slight energy boost, and to help get things moving in our bellies on out of us. However, in a detox, the coffee must be black, adding cream and sugar is not beneficial at this time. If you absolutely can’t stand the taste of black coffee, try adding cinnamon, water to weaken the bitterness, or adding the tiniest smidgen of raw honey.
  4. Get exercising or walking—everyone knows exercise does a body good. Sweating helps excrete the body’s toxins. While vigorous exercise is highly commended, it is not always plausible in our lifestyle. However, even just walking gets the body in action, raises the metabolism and helps the digestive tract to eliminate toxins quicker. So if you’re feeling groggy, bloated, and sugar, salt and fat hooked, just get up and get your body moving.
  5. Clear out your cupboards—Get all processed foods out. Get all sodas, boxed cereals, boxed meals, canned foods (except certain BPA and GMO whole foods), and chips and cookies out. If it has somehow gotten into your home by someone else, or by a moment of weakness remove it from your kitchen. It the food is something you are absolutely afraid of getting rid of, or if the food belongs to another owner, discuss placing the food in a box in another location such as another cupboard, den, or garage location where it will be seldom encountered by you.
  6. Avoid places with bad customs, and think of alternatives ahead of time—while trying to undergo a detox, avoid family, friends, and work members who are likely to tempt you back into bad habits. For example, if you always go to McDonalds weekly with your colleges, if every time you see your grandma she bakes junk food for you, if every time you meet your friend you grab a mocha latte, find a way either to avoid it until you are stronger in your personal goals and convictions, or until you have found a way to incorporate a healthy alternative without insulting your companion (people do not like feeling like they are bad for the choices they make, even if the choices are caustic).
  7. Eat the foods you do want—focusing on vegetables, healthy proteins (not just meat!), and some fruits. Depending on your personal dietary restrictions and allergies, allow for detox meals to be light meals comprised mostly of vegetables and with one or more small added portions of the following: organic soaked and/or sprouted beans, nuts, seeds, and/or lean, sustainably and ethically raised, non-GMO fed, animal meat such as pastured chicken, turkey, rabbit, wild game, or sustainably harvested non-GMO fish (mind the water pollution levels where the fish was raised). Making whole food choices is tricky and restrictive when you are first starting out, but it becomes more enjoyable as you discover foods, recipes, restaurants, and small farm-small business products you enjoy that are truly healthy for you.
  8. Take your vitamins—with modern diets and spending so much time indoors, most of us are vitamin deficient. Maintaining a whole foods diet helps, but to get to where you need to be, most of us could benefit from taking vitamins. We suggest a whole-food, organic vitamin. Synthetic vitamins are hard for the body to process.
  9. Eat only organic or homegrown—not enough can be said about how truly terrible processed food is. Even the fresh produce you get at grocery stores is likely aged, irradiated, and chemical-laden. The only way you can be sure the food you are getting is fresh and alive is to procure it yourself or from those you know. Get to know your local farmers, they would love to meet you and tell you about how their produce is grown.
  10. Get fresh air—when living in the city, as opposed to out in the country, it amazing to realize how much better you will feel getting out in the fresh air. Living in an environment that is surrounded by oxygen-rich forests and away from city pollution is a luxury not to be taken for granted. If you are stuck in the city, be sure to get a home air purifier, as well as air purifying house plants. Be sure to regularly incorporate day trips out to the woods or get out camping. Getting outside and getting fresh air is very important for whole body health.

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