Healing Foods Kitchen Utensil and Supply List

Healing Foods Kitchen Utensil and Supply List

Here at the Sunchild Flourish Farmstead, we know that it is necessary to have a properly equipped kitchen to process all of our whole-food home cooked meals, to preserve all of our foods, and to give our kitchen that traditional old-world feel. Below is a list of household kitchen supplies we have and love to use at our farmstead.

High-Functioning Food Blender: A high-functioning blender is pretty necessary for our household. We tried to get by using more frugal options and the blenders always ended up malfunctioning and breaking after some use. We use our blender constantly for smoothies, sauces, purees, whipped items, nut butter, soups, and more. Currently, on the market, there are two competing high functioning blenders for serious users, the Blendtec and the Vitamix. We chose the Blendtec and enjoy its computerized screen, wide mouth, easy storage capability.

Freezer Paper and Tape, Freezer Bags, or Vacuum Sealer and Bags for Freezing: Freezing is one of the most convenient methods for healthful food preservation. Make sure you have the proper equipment to store your food items. Vacuum sealers are especially nice for home meat processors.

Pressure Canner & Canning Supplies: You can use a large stockpot for some canning, but I prefer to have a pressure canner on hand so that you can use both the pressure canning and water bath functions. Some food items such as low acidity vegetables and meats need to be pressure canned opposed to water bath canned for safe food preservation.

Ceramic Baking Dishes or Stoneware: We love our stoneware for its old-world feel. Earthen pottery has been used for cookware since before the recording of history. We also shy away from aluminum and nonstick cookware, so ceramic stoneware is a nice alternative.

Spirelli Slicer: A spirelli slicer is a delightful tool. It creates yummy, low calorie, low carb noodles out of produce such as squash, cucumbers, sweet potatoes and more. We love this tool at the farmstead, especially in summer months when zucchini and cucumbers are plentiful.

Chest Freezer: We support buying in bulk, processing our own meats, and freezing the some of the years harvest for winter. We definitely suggest utilizing a chest freezer to stock up on whole foods and have them readily available.

 Root Scrubber: A root scrubber is a nice tool to have in the kitchen. We use it to brush all of our potatoes, mushrooms, and root crops such as beets, carrots, and turnips.

Airtight Canisters (Ceramic or Glass): These containers are so nice to store all of the bulk foods we retain. I love the look and feel of using these containers for storage. We use airtight containers for flours, beans, grains, nuts, seeds, pasta, and more.

 Fine Mesh Strainer: For rinsing and picking grains and beans, sifting flour,

Flour Mill: For grinding fresh grain and bean flours

Meat Grinder: Waste not! Traditional cultures respect their animals (if eaten) by not wasting parts. Take leftover portions of meat and grind to make homemade sausage, patties, and more.

Quality Knives:  You need some quality knives to cut through bone and thicker shelled produce such as winter squash or watermelon.

Cast Iron Cookware: Cast iron is fabulous. I love our cast iron cookware. Cast iron lasts forever and can be passed down from generation to generation. Some of my favorite pieces that I have obtained over the years were antique pieces. Cast iron is a safe cookware that does not contain harmful toxins such as Teflon, is easy to clean, is sturdy and long-lasting.

Kitchen aid: Multifaceted tool desired by homemakers, chefs, and bakers. Makes baking, bread making, sausage stuffing, patty grinding, and flour grinding a flash.

Whisk (or whisk attachment): Used frequently when working with eggs and sauces.

Immersion Blender: A handy tool to use in lieu of a traditional beater or blender. Especially handy when blending mashed root vegetables, for soups, sauces or single serve smoothies. I use it often when making fruit purees and sauces.

Stainless Steel Cooking Utensils: Less plastic is fantastic. Opt out for long lasting and healthy stainless steel.

 Coffee/Spice Grinder: Nothing is better than freshly ground coffee. We also use a coffee grinder to grind dried herbs and spices for storage.

 Bread Box: Like grandma used to have. Keeps bread fresher longer.

 Glass or Metal Mixing Bowls: Cut down on plastic. Invest in healthy, long-lasting stainless steel or high-quality glass such as Pyrex.

 Cooking Thermometer: This is just helpful to have. We use it when in doubt when cooking meats, when candy making, and when soap making.

 Knife Sharpener: Having good sharp knives is absolutely necessary when you are a home cook. Especially if you use them frequently for peeling, dicing, and cutting through bone.

 French Press Coffee Maker: Keurig issue. Fresh coffee. Less plastic. Can take it camping.

Dutch Oven/Kettle: We love dutch ovens. Also, a lovely thing to have is a cast-iron kettle Reminiscent of a cauldron, kettles come in all shapes and sizes and can be used for over the fire cooking. We have used our kettle to de-feather chickens, cook stews, and to do easy campfire cooking.


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