D.I.Y Natural Garden Mix: Fungicide, Pesticide and More!


  • Natural Non-Toxic Fungicide

    • Rid Yourself of Powdery Mildew, Black Spot, Sooty Mold & other Fungal Disease
  • Kills Slugs, Cabbage Worms, and Snails

    • Dust leaves and apply directly to eradicate soft-bodied pests
  • Tomato Sweetener

  • Calcium Fertilizer

  • Discourages weed growth

  • Discourages Rabbits, Ants, Silver Fish, Gnats, Aphids, Beatles and Roaches

  • Soil Alkalizer  (Raises pH like adding lime)

    • Warning: Some plants need acidity and will not tolerate alkalinity. Use extreme caution when using  this garden mix on soil near or on blackberry, cranberry, blueberry, parsley, potato , raspberry or sweet potato plants as these plants need acidic soil.
  • Federal EPA cleared for safe use on edible plants

  • Causes no apparent harm on plants

    • Note: Test small area before using frequently. Do not apply on hot, sunny day or will induce leaf burn (brown or yellow patches at ends of plants). Dilute if necessary.

      Ground Garden Mix
      Ground Garden Mixture


Egg Shells

Baking Soda

Food Processor, Mortar & Pestle, or Blender

Empty Container for Storage


  1. Retain Eggshells. Once one dozen+ eggs have been gathered allow to dry 24+ hours or dry in oven at 300 degrees Fahrenheit 5-7 minutes.

    Collected Eggshells
    Collected Dried Eggshells
  2. Grind dried eggshells to fine powder.
  3. Add Baking Soda to mixture. Add One Tablespoon of Baking Soda per 12 ground eggshells. This yields about 1/2 cup of gardening mixture. Collect in dry container.
  4. Shake light layer evenly over soil to alkalize, add calcium, prevent fungus and ward off pests. Reapply every 2 weeks.
  5. Apply directly to soft-bodied bugs such as snails, slugs, and cabbage worms to eradicate.
  6. Apply in thick layer on weeds to discourage weed growth. Warning: Garden mix raises pH. Do not over-apply to growing area or soil chemistry will be disrupted hindering plant growth.
  7. Sprinkle 2T to soil around each tomato plant when they are about 1-inch in diameter to sweeten. Reapply every 2-3 weeks.
  8. For an active fungal or pest infection, dilute 2 Tablespoons of garden mix with 1 Gallon of water. For better coverage add 2-
    Blend and Add Baking Soda
    Blend and Add Baking Soda.

    3 teaspoons of mild dish soap and vegetable oil to spray, this will also help.

  9. Enjoy your cheap, easy and natural fungicide, pesticide, alkalizing calcium booster!

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