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Here you will find a wealth of information in our collection of healthy living publications, recipes, reviews, and blog posts. Also, check out our store for access to our organic and all-natural products available for purchase.


More About Us

Sunchild Flourish Co. is a small family-run merchant organization that is dedicated to sharing fresh, organic whole foods, ecological crafts and commodities, and healthy living publications both locally and worldwide.

Our operation began in 2016 with the development of our first organic biointensive microfarm in Hector, Arkansas. With a desire to leave the big city life and grow more healthful food for our family and for others, we moved across the country from Washington State to rural Arkansas just south of the great Ozark Mountains and embarked upon a mission to take our passion for whole-food cooking and toxic-free living and share our knowledge with others.

Our first operation began with a permaculture design to include an orchard, hair sheep, hogs, rabbits, poultry, and other fruits and vegetables. Techniques such as hugelkulture, companion planting, beekeeping, and other conservation methods were implemented.

In 2018, Sunchild Flourish Co. has expanded its operations to include several new enterprises in the River Valley region of Arkansas and has opened its markets to sell to customers both locally and globally. We collaborate with several local vendors and markets in trading healthy living merchandise to the public. We also are presently expanding our publications and information services. We hope you enjoy!

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